Retrospective 3.3.0 Build 22

An useful application that was developed in order to allow IT workers to easily manage their enterprise log data on a Macintosh computer.
Retrospective - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to perform a log file search.
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Retrospective is a cross-platform desktop application that allows you to search for log files content conveniently and effectively.

Retrospective provides support for local and remote data sources, allowing you to access many different log files in one place.

Moreover, Retrospective's advanced features such as bookmarking search definitions, tail searching or filtering search results enable fast and robust log files exploration.

Main features:

  • Search:
  • Local:
  • You can easily drop local log files into the sources tab and almost instantly be able to search.
  • SSH:
  • Remote log files on machines connected by SSH can be easily added, configured and searched.
  • Database (coming soon):
  • Databases can be easily configured, tables are auto-recognised and you can chose fields to search through & display.
  • Profiles:
  • Profiles are user-defined sets of log file data which are easily created for different platforms or groups of data sources.
  • Tail (Monitor):
  • Filter your data:
  • Look for all new data written to a file or create a text filter (e.g. an error code or an account number) which will then only display the new entries.
  • Testing?:
  • You can plan a certain event to occur by performing a test or running your program and then you only get the specific results from that activity displayed in the Result Data Display.
  • Database (coming soon):
  • You can tail a database just by including the profile with the database define and starting a tail with or without a filter (e.g. account code).
  • Platform:
  • It works on all 3 major desktop platforms, not just Linux - yes, you can tail a file on your windows machines!
  • Easy Configuration:
  • File Manager:
  • The File Manager takes you through configuration in as few steps as possible, quickly defining your profiles and data sources.
  • Sources Tab:
  • The sources tab is an iTunes like tab that shows all your profiles (System and User) and their log files whether local or remote.
  • Drag and drop:
  • For local files you can just drag and drop a file from windows explorer onto the sources tab and a profile with the log file is created.
  • Wildcards:
  • For both local and remote log files you can add whole directories or define a file mask by using a wildcard to quickly add large groups of files.
  • Easy To Use:
  • Retrospective looks like one of your favourite web browsers - it has tabs, which can be dragged out to separate windows or to another tab in another window.
  • Windows & Tabs:
  • In each tab is a search filter. In this filter you can specify whether you want to search or tail, and if you want to look for something and whether you want to search in a particular time frame.
  • Filters:
  • You can define search criteria such as a text field or a date range to limit the volume of data searched through (saves time). Once the remote search has been completed a local filter can also be applied as necessary.
  • Explode/Implode:
  • Explode all your tabs to individual windows (especially useful when doing multiple tails) and then implode all windows back to tabs in one window.
  • Save Desktop:
  • Save your desktop consisting of your favourite searches and tails and reload it later or email it to a colleague.
  • History & Bookmarks:
  • A complete history is kept of all your searches and tails and is shown in its own History tab.
  • Save a particular search/tails as a named bookmark and reuse later from the bookmarks tab.
  • Package Filtering:
  • After searching through a log4j file you can locally filter on package names (using a feature similar to autofilter in excel) so that you can quickly exclude what you are not looking for.
  • Performance:
  • Retrospective is fast. It searches faster than any other stand-alone log analyser on the market and it doesn’t require its own server, database or team of operators to display your log data (and there’s no daily Mb limit!)
  • Fast Search:
  • Optionally use the fast search which quickly checks file content dates and excludes them if they are out of the date range in your defined filter.
  • Filters:
  • To speed up the search you can limit the scope of your search by the use of easily defined filters.
  • Speed:
  • Retrospective has been optimised to do the fastest log search possible. Try it and see!
  • Non-invasive:
  • Retrospective is a stand-alone product that doesn’t require a huge investment in either time or money.

last updated on:
August 31st, 2014, 19:20 GMT
file size:
75.3 MB
developed by:
centeractive ag
license type:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Intel only
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7 Screenshots
Retrospective - In the Status tab you can easily access the application log, complete with timestamp and process information.RetrospectiveRetrospective - From the View tab you can access the profile manager, status, bookmarks, history or the host manager.RetrospectiveRetrospectiveRetrospective
What's New in version 3.2.0 Build 2152
  • New features:
  • Date/time is now filtered remotely on hosts accessed through SSH
  • Autofind Improvements
  • Optimized encoding detection for directories and filters
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