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Makes it very simple to create your own bitmaps out of a true type font of your choice using a no-frills and user-friendly interface

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Bitmap fonts are graphics that are designed to be used within all types of games and applications, for creating nice looking menus, animated texts and other similar objects that enhance the overall look of the final product.

Such graphics objects can be either created manually, a painstaking and very time consuming task, or by using a dedicated tool that will help you greatly reduce the time it takes to deliver a finished application or game.

Easy to use glyph creation tool for making your own fonts rapidly and effortlessly

bmGlyph is a powerful and user-friendly OS X app designed to help you save huge amounts of time while designing your own bitmap glyphs. Moreover, bmGlyph makes it a lot easier to create bitmap fonts from scratch, with the help of its comprehensive toolbox that keeps the tools you need one mouse click away.

Additionally, bmGlyph can be used with the fonts you have on your Mac or with any font file that matches your needs, thus making it easier to find the exact look for your bitmap glyphs, either on your hard drive or online.

Feature packed glyph creation toolkit with a streamlined font design workflow

Once you get used to bmGlyph’s user interface, designing your own bitmap fonts will prove to be a fun and simple task because the app manages to provide you with the right tool, at the right time, as well as to keep things as simple as possible.

After you’ve finished working on your design, bmGlyph enables you to export your bitmap font to multiple targets at once. Hence, you can save a version for your iPhone application, one for your Retina-enabled iPad app and other versions for any other configuration you need.

Makes it easy to export your creations to a sizable collection of glyph formats

Furthermore, you can also customize the format for all exported bitmaps, bmGlyph allowing you to choose between iOS Sprite Kit, Unity, Corona, Cocos2d, and Sparrow.

Additionally, bmGlyph offers you the possibility to use any character set you’d like from an exhaustive list of hundreds of char-sets that will allow you to create any type of glyph you may want.

Everything considered, using the bmGlyph bitmap font designer will not only help you save lots of time during the process of designing your game or application, but it will also allow you to obtain better results and enjoy working on your projects.

bmGlyph was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
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