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A free and simple programming language created using C++ as a model that, along with a smart interpreter, enables you to build apps using a C like syntax




aime is an open source and free programming language, with a C like syntax, intended for application extending purposes.

The aime collection comprises the language description, an application embeddable interpreter (libaime), the interpreter C interface description and a standalone interpreter.

Many examples on how the interpreter can be used (embedded in an application) are also available, together with some hopefully useful applications, such as expression evaluators.

How to install and run: Unarchive, open a Terminal window, go to the aime's folder and run the following commands from the command line:

sudo make install
aime -- help
Last updated on January 2nd, 2015
aime - This is the usage message displayed by aime, when being run from the Terminal window with the '--help' parameter.

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