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Command-line interpreted scripting language written in C






Yazoo's main purpose is to provide an environment for calling, and managing the memory for, co-compiled external C routines, which can be embedded into the language simply by adding an entry to an array of known external routines, including the new source file and recompiling. Yazoo can also run scripts without user input.

Only the standard C libraries are used, so Yazoo may be compiled on any platform; the Mac OS X binary is included. A set of toy "neural network" routines is included as an example of how to incorporate C functions into the Yazoo language.

The Yazoo script follows a reductionist philosophy: data types, sets, variables, and functions are all instances of the same thing, and any operation that can be applied to one will be applicable to all.

For example, the inheritance operator will concatenate sets as well as specialize functions and data types, and the 'member-of' operator can also be used to access the internal variables of functions.

The content of variables is divorced from the members that reference it, so several variables can share (partially-)overlapping data spaces. The arguments to functions are themselves construed as a function; this allows for a dynamic interplay between a function and the code that calls it.

These generalizations and others, which are relatively transparent to the user, provided the main inspiration for writing Yazoo.
Last updated on August 3rd, 2013

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