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A powerful and versatile XML editor for Mac OS X that includes XSLT and XPath support, real time HTML preview capabilities, and more.

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Developed to help you edit XML documents on Mac OS X, the Xmplify application proposes a well organized and versatile environment, packed with numerous XML manipulation capabilities.

Moreover, Xmplify follows the OS X Human Interface Guidelines, which means that it will integrate perfectly both into your operating system, and in your daily workflow.

Resourceful XML editing environment that analyzes your document in real time

The Xmplify user interface is represented by a main window in which you get to view the content of your XML document, and make various adjustments. The main window area is reserved for the XML content, but Xmplify can also display the document’s structure, and the included messages.

Most of the app’s functionalities can be accessed either via the buttons included in the top toolbar, or through its main menus. All in all, finding your way around is fairly straightforward.

The best part is that Xmplify will analyze the XML content in real time in order to provide editing suggestions tailored on the document’s metadata, or on your own adjustments.

Verify, auto-complete, or navigate your XML documents with ease

If the Xmplify application detects a XML or DTD Schema embedded in the file that you are currently editing, it will automatically make sure the document’s content matches the schema. The same information is used to provide relevant auto-completion suggestions.

On the other hand, if the source XML does not include a Schema, Xmplify will derive one in order to be able to generate suggestions that match your needs. Noteworthy is that Xmplify can derive a comprehensive Schema for more than one XML file at the same time.

The document’s Schema is also employed to help you navigate the XML content faster: the Goto Specification uses the Schema to quickly jump to different locations within the document.

To conclude, Xmplify is an easy to use, yet highly versatile XML editing solution that can help you manipulate the content of your XML files in an efficient manner.

Xmplify was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 27th, 2015
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