Wing IDE 101 5.0.9-1 / 5.1.0 Beta 1

Stripped down version of Wing Intelligent Development Environment that is best suited for teaching introductory programming classes
Wing IDE 101
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Wing IDE 101 omits many features found in Wing IDE Professional and makes some simplifications appropriate for beginners.

Note that Wing IDE 101 omits auto-completion and most other code intelligence features in the other Wing IDE products.

This was by design, so that students are more conscious of the details of the modules and language they are learning about.

Main features:

  • Editing Code:
  • Syntax Highlighting: Easy on your eyes, for most programming languages and file types
  • Navigation Menus: Layered menus in each editor provide a handy index into your code.
  • Goto-definition: Jump directly to point of definition.
  • Error Indicators: Flag syntax errors code as you type.
  • Auto-indentation: New lines of code automatically indent to the expected level.
  • Line Numbering: Show optional line numbers.
  • Unlimited Undo: Undo works as far back as necessary to the point where a file was opened.
  • Executing and Debugging Code:
  • Python Shell: Select lines or evaluate a whole file quickly in the integrated Python Shell.
  • Debugger: Run code in Wing's debugger and inspect the stack and locals/globals data after stopping at breakpoints or exceptions.
  • Other Features:
  • Integrated Documentation: Quick access to Wing IDE and Python documentation.
  • Split Views: Divide editors horizontally, vertically, or any combination thereof. Multiple editable views can be opened into the same file.
  • Visual Studio, VI/Vim, Emacs, and Brief Emulation Optional key bindings are available to make Wing act like many of the most commonly used editors.
  • Block Indentation: Select and indent, dedent, or indent-to-match whole blocks of code.
  • Brace Matching: Automatic as you type, or select blocks within braces on command.
  • Block Commenting: Comment out or back in blocks of code with a single key stroke.
  • Intelligent Rewrapping: Rewrap long lines of code, but only within appropriate logical lines as determined by Wing's source analyser.
  • Line and Rectangle Selection Select and operate on ranges of text by character, whole lines, or rectangles.
  • Visible White Space: Optionally, show spacing and/or line endings as visible characters.

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Wing IDE 101
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13 Screenshots
Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101Wing IDE 101
What's New in version 5.1.0 Beta 1
  • Support multi-process debugging and (optionally) debugging child processes
  • Syntax highlighting in the Python Shell and Debug Probe
  • Data value tooltips when hover over symbols in Python Shell and Debug Probe
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