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A lightweight, user-friendly and powerful web testing tools specially made to help you scan your website for various vulnerabilities

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WebCruiser is a fully-featured web vulnerability scanner that delivers the tools and features required to audit various websites.

Helps you check for web vulnerabilities

With WebCruiser’s help you can find and reveal a wide variety of web vulnerabilities, send custom requests, scan the URL and website and reveal cookies.

In addition to the featured vulnerability scanner, WebCruiser also comes with HTTP request resend tools and a Cookie tool.

Easily configure and use the built-in web vulnerability scanner

Thanks to the vulnerability scanner you can reveal GET SQL injection, POST SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting with just a couple of mouse clicks.

SQL injection is technique that enables malicious users to inject SQL commands into a SQL statement via web page input. Consequently, the injected SQL commands might alter the SQL statement and compromise the security of a web app.

Cross-Site scripting or XSS is another type of computer security vulnerability specific to web applications. XSS enables attackers to inject client-side script into the web pages viewed by other users.

As a result, malicious users could use XSS to bypass access controls and compromise the security of the targeted website.

Fortunately, WebCruiser makes it easy for you to audit your website’s cookies and reveal all existing cookies.

Take advantage of the user-oriented interface and handy context menus

From WebCruiser’s main window you can easily load your webpage, scan the URL and site, view the list of detected vulnerabilities and check the activity log with ease. The context menu helps you open or copy the selected address, export or remove all identified vulnerabilities at once.

The built-in Resend tool helps you send various GET and POST request and analyze the response along with the source code. Moreover, WebCruiser allows you to load any given list of username and passwords that you can use to send POST and GET requests.

To conclude, WebCruiser is an intuitive application that helps you find website vulnerabilities in order to improve the security of your web page.

WebCruiser was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
WebCruiser - Form WebCruiser's main window you can load and preview your webpage.WebCruiser - Easily check the detected vulnerabilities and analyze the activity log.WebCruiserWebCruiser - The context menu helps you open and copy the selected address and remove all vulnerabilities.WebCruiserWebCruiserWebCruiserWebCruiserWebCruiser

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