Shader based 2D graphics engine for Mac OS X and iOS
Vinter is an open source graphics engine for Mac OS X and iOS featuring full shader based rendering, written in C++ and Objective-C.

The Vinter engine is mainly written in C++ with a few small parts written in Objective-C. Vinter can be used in any Objective-C and C++ projects targeting iOS 3.0 or Mac OS X 10.6 and later.

As the renderer only provides shader based rendering, the target system must support shaders (this requirement is probably met by every Mac that shipped with OS X 10.5+.

iOS devices support shaders since the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Gen. It is also supported on every iPad).

Main features:

  • Shader based rendering
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering (iOS), OpenGL 2.0 with GSlang 1.20 (OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7), OpenGL 3.2 with GSlang 1.50 (OS X 10.7)
  • Loading of assets in arbitrary background threads
  • Tweening support similar to UIKits animation system
  • Support for TMX maps
  • Render to texture
  • Flexible particle system
  • Native Chipmunk support
  • PVR texture support (compressed and uncompressed)
  • RGBA8888, RGBA4444, RGBA5551 and RGB565 texture format support with conversion
  • Sprites (with and without atlas textures)
  • Quadtree based scene management
  • OpenGL ES debug marker support (iOS 5+)

last updated on:
April 16th, 2012, 3:59 GMT
file size:
2.4 MB
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developed by:
Sidney Just
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.5 or later / iOS 3.0 or later
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