Versions 1.3.2 Build 1056

A simple and useful application designed to improve your workflow and provide a pleasant way to work with Subversion on your Mac

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What's new in Versions 1.3.2 Build 1056:

  • Note: Versions now requires OS X 10.7 or above
  • You can still get Versions 1.3.0 for your 10.6 machine
  • Updated SVN 1.8 to version 1.8.10
  • Also updated SVN 1.7 to version 1.7.18
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The Versions Team
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Versions - A new repository bookmark can be added this way.Versions - Some preferences can be customized in this panel.VersionsVersionsVersions
Whether you're a hardcore Subversion user or new to version control systems, Versions will help streamline your workflow.

Whether you're a designer, developer, editor or project manager, chances are you already have plenty on your mind. Versions saves you the hassle and makes working with Subversion easy for your entire team.

Thanks to Versions' clear-cut approach to Subversion, novices and power users alike will enjoy using it. And if you haven't moved to Subversion yet, now is the time.

In a typical Subversion-based workflow, you have to add, edit and delete files in a 'working copy' on your own hard drive and then commit those changes to a central 'repository'.

Subversion keeps track of all changes and lets you retrieve any previous version of your files. In group efforts, Subversion offers a great way to ensure you always have everyone's latest updates.

Last updated on December 6th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)

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#subversion client #version manager #version control #subversion #svn #vcs #commit

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