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A simpler way to deal with web programming





VRaptor is a web mvc and ioc framework which was based on many frameworks and ideas (JBoss Seam, Stripes, Webwork, Hibernate Annotations etc).

VRaptor makes full use of Java 5 Annotations. The result? A simpler way to deal with web programming.

Your business logic classes have no contact with javax.servlet API, and there is less need of configuration than with other web controllers.

It favors Convention over Configuration. Why? Because configuration in xml/properties/annotations is always boring, repetitive and easy to make mistakes.

VRaptor uses a more pragmatic approach, instead of having lots of xml files to configure lifecycle, ioc and other properties.

Most of the settings go inside plain Java objects (POJO), so the team knows exactly what is going on, and where.
Last updated on January 4th, 2015

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