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A lightweight, very easy-to-use and trustworthy application that helps you to force empty your Mac's Trash regardless of the contained items

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Trash It! is a straightforward AppleScript based application specially designed to force empty the Trash when everything else fails.

Quickly and effortlessly empty the Trash

Trash It! can be successfully used when the Trash contains files and folders with broken or incorrect permission. Trash It! also enables you to remove locked or stuck Trash items, or files and documents from other partitions.

What is more, Trash It! can be used to immediately and permanently remove items from your hard disk without passing through the Trash bin.

Hence, you can use Trash It! when you are not able to move items into the Trash, when you have a large number of files and folders you want to get rid off, when you cannot empty the Trash the old fashioned way.

Get rid of files and folders without using your Mac’s Trash

To use Trash It!, you just have to download the light archive, extract it and place the applet anywhere you want on your Mac. Trash It! allows you to drag and drop the files and folders you want to delete directly onto its icon.

It is worth mentioning that by dragging items on Trash It!, you only have the option to delete the selected files or folders and not what is already in the Trash. To remove files from the Trash you have to launch Trash It! and choose the type of file or folder deletion you wish to perform.

Use the “Really Stuck” option to remove stuck items from the Trash

It goes without saying that all options are non-reversible once the OK button is clicked on and you should pay extra attention when deleting items. From Trash It!’s main window you have two deletion options that you can use.

The “Fast” option should take care of your problem, but if your Mac’s Trash still refuses to empty, you can try the “Really Stuck” function and force empty the trash.

Trash It! was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 13th, 2014
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