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A user-oriented and reliable set of graphical tools for the Mercurial distributed revision control system that makes it easy to manage repositories and make commits

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TortoiseHg is a straightforward Mercurial front-end that comes with a workbench that helps you handle repositories and submit commits.

With TortoiseHg’s help you can explore repositories in order to maintain and manage different versions of the contained files. Consequently, you can view and browse through multiple repositories, synchronize data and perform basic management tasks.

Simple and unobtrusive user interface

From TortoiseHg’s intuitive interface you can quickly and easily create new repositories, add new files, synchronize data, check the file history, clone repositories, remove files from the repository and even rename them. Thanks to the overlay handlers you can identify newly added and unversioned files much easier.

Thanks to TortoiseHg you can manage files and directories over time and review the modifications that any given file undergo and, if necessary, retrieve a previous version from the repository.

State of the art repository management tools

On top of that, TortoiseHg makes it easy for you to browse through multiple local repositories, conduct data queries, submit commits, as well as load and preview all exiting file revisions.

The simple and uncluttered interface helps you navigate through the repository structure in order to manage and organize all the file change sets.

Moreover, TortoiseHg offers you the option to work with Mercurial command and check the returned results. As follows, you can sort data related to all modification to a given folder or file and retrieve past versions or, update your working directory to the desired revision.

Access all the tools you need from one place

By accessing the File menu, you can create a new workbench or repository and open, clone or close a repository using the pre-defined keyboard shortcuts.

TortoiseHg can be customized to display or hide the patch queue, output log and repository registry and helps you customize the interface by toggling various tools and features.

TortoiseHg was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 6th, 2015
TortoiseHg - From TortoiseHg's main window you can easily manage your repositories and make commits.TortoiseHg - The context menu helps you browse at revision, add tags and bookmarks, export patch and more.TortoiseHg - TortoiseHg also helps you open and clone repositories, and change their settings.TortoiseHgTortoiseHgTortoiseHgTortoiseHgTortoiseHg

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