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A minimalist Mac OS X application designed to give a professional look to your HTML source code by applying various indenting patterns, and more.

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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provides the “Tidy your HTML” service in order to help web developers to indent their code and to enforce XML standards concerning well-formed elements.

Tidily is a small Mac app powered by this service, that enables you to quickly fix your HTML code from your desktop, without too much hustle.

User friendly software solution for cleaning and indenting HTML projects

Upon launch, Tidily opens a simple window on top of which you must drag and drop the files you want to process. Note that you can also use the add button placed in the bottom left corner of the main window, and navigate to the respective file by using the Finder.

Once a document is provided, Tidily launches a new window that is split in two panels, one containing the source HTML code, and the latter displaying the processed output. Moreover, the top toolbar includes buttons for most basic functions: overwrite, save as, copy, or copy with styles.

Effortlessly customize the indenting style and edit the HTML code

From a small drop down menu placed in the bottom left corner of the document window, you can choose the number of indent spaces (1, 2, or 3), and if you want the app to indent attributes.

In addition, in the left side panel, the one containing the source HTML code, you can easily edit the file content. To visualize the changes in the right side panel, the one displaying the processed output, you must click on the refresh button situated in the bottom right corner.

Uncomplicated solution for fixing HTML code and creating professional looking documents

Tidily proposes simple tools for cleaning up your HTML projects without too much work: the app can indent the source code, and is able to fix the content by eliminating typos, junk spaces, and so on. Furthermore, Tidily will analyze your code and provide warnings concerning possible errors.

Tidily was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
Tidily - You must drag and drop the HTML file you want to process on top of the Tidily main window.Tidily - In the Tidily main window you can preview the source HTML file, and the correctly indented output.Tidily - In the Tidily Log window you can easily view details about the errors detected while indenting the document.

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