The Cells 3.0

A powerful Java-based GUI designer
The Cells - This is the main window where you will be able to design GUIs.
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The Cells is a free, open-source and easy-to-use but powerful WYSIWYG GUI designer that makes it easy to create professional and complex looking forms. You can drag and drop components, resize components, move components, etc.

The Cells is based on the JavaBeans standard. It supports and uses BeanInfos, BeanDescriptors, PropertyDescriptors, PropertyEditors (incl. custom and paintable editors), Introspector, etc.

Main features:

  • Designs nested Layers.
  • Generates ava source code for your forms
  • Suports Undo/redo and clipboard. You can infinite undo and redo all operations. The Clipboard allows you to copy/move one or more components.
  • Stand-alone application, which makes it also ideal for prototyping and non-programmers.
  • Supports new powerful layout manager CellsLayout.
  • Insert, delete, move, resize and modifying columns
  • Insert, delete, move, resize and modifying rows
  • Supports all Java standard layout managers: BorderLayout, BoxLayout, CardLayout, FlowLayout, GridBagLayout and GridLayout.
  • supports visual hinting. During moving, resizing, inserting of components via drag and drop, you see exactly where a component will be placed before dropping it.
  • Free Layout Manager support. Setting of alignment of components in FreeLayout.
  • Grid oriented layouting and automatic ordering of components in FreeLayout designer.
  • Insert, delete tabs in JTabbedPane
  • Navigation in components with Inspector tree
  • Supports customer Java Beans
  • Changing Layout each time during designing between several layout managers

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The Cells
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6 Screenshots
The Cells - Some arrangement options are found in the context menu.The CellsThe CellsThe CellsThe Cells

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