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Powerful continuous integration and build server
TeamCity is a powerful and user-friendly continuous integration (CI) server for professional developers and build engineers, trivial to setup and absolutely free for small teams.

TeamCity integrates with top IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Also, it boosts individual and team productivity, and helps improve code quality.

TeamCity helps you:
· Automate code analyzing, compiling, and testing processes, providing instant feedback on build progress, problems and test failures, all in simple, intuitive web-interface;
· Run multiple builds and tests under different configurations and platforms simultaneously;
· Perform rre-tested commits, helping the rest of a team sustain an uninterrupted workflow;
· Have build history insight with customizable statistics on build duration, success rate, code quality and custom metrics;
· Enable cost-effective on-demand build infrastructure scaling thanks to tight integration with Amazon EC2.

Main features:

  • Continuous Integration & Testing:
  • Continuous integration, which is a widely-adopted practice today, is implemented in TeamCity in the most innovative manner. The unique pre-tested commit feature allows you to safeguard the project code base from incorrect code. All code modifications are submitted into version control ONLY if all the tests pass. Failures are immediately reported and visible for the entire team.
  • Software Build Management:
  • With TeamCity's Build Grid technology you can run your builds under different platforms, environments and test suites simultaneously getting information on build progress and tests results on the fly, thus the feedback loop of changes integration becomes much shorter. The build process is monitored and managed entirely via an intuitive web interface.
  • Project Management, Monitoring and Statistical Reports:
  • Whatever changes have taken place during the project you are always notified on that and stay on top of things via your preferred notifications means. Different types of statistical reports allow to effectively monitor the projects' health.
  • Integration with IDEs, VCSs, and Testing Frameworks:
  • TeamCity is packaged with plugins providing productivity features for the most popular IDEs. Besides, it supports the most advanced version control systems, testing frameworks and means of notification. Moreover, you can access all TeamCity features including projects setup from your web browser.
  • Tighter Collaboration and Teamwork:
  • The workflow of your team is never interrupted thanks to multiple collaboration features. Tracking the responsibility for the build failure, developer's dashboard isolating the results of your changes integration, per-project access and permissions — all you need to work in your natural rhythm and without breaking your workflow.
  • Unprecedented Level of Java and .NET Code Quality:
  • Various time-consuming operations such as unit testing, code quality analysis, searching for code duplicates, and code coverage review are all performed on the server — and not on your developers' machines — saving your Java or .NET team's valuable time.
  • Flexible Licensing Policy:
  • Development teams of all sizes can benefit from TeamCity's innovative technology, with two different editions — Professional which is distributed free of charge and Enterprise which suits larger teams and brings some more productivity features such as advanced security and unlimited number of users and projects.

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What's New in version 9.0 Build 31423 EAP 1
  • Versioned Project Settings:
  • Starting from this EAP, you can enable the two-way synchronization of your project settings with the version control. If synchronization is enabled, then each administrative change you make to the project settings in the TeamCity Web UI is committed to the version control; if you alter the settings in the version control, the TeamCity server will detect the modifications and apply them to the project on the fly.
  • Enabling synchronization for the project also enables it for all its sub-projects. TeamCity synchronizes all changes to the project settings (including modifications of build configurations, templates, VCS roots, etc.) with the exception of SSH keys. The project settings are stored in the .teamcity folder in the repository.
  • Be aware that as soon as synchronization is enabled in a project, TeamCity will make one commit for this project and one for each of its sub-projects to import the current settings. Enabling synchronization for a project with a large number of sub-projects will generate a large number of commits.
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