itools 0.62.9 / 0.75.0 Beta

Library to develop Python applications
itools is a library that provides you with various utilities that lets you develop Python application.

itools is cross-platform and can be used on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Main features:

  • Workflow:
  • The simple workflow engine (itools.workflow) that uses automatons to represent a workflow system, is the oldest and probably the most widely used itools module. Check it if you want something simple to solve your workflow needs.
  • OpenDocument Format:
  • As a part of our commitment in standard file formats and internationalisation, we have developed the translation infrastructure and tools to translate an maintain office documents in several languages. More about itools.odf
  • CSV:
  • Load CSV file and use them as a persistant layer with a rich API, automatic indexing, stored procedures and powerful search features (itools.csv).
-> EuroPython 2006 itools.csv slides
  • Internationalization:
  • Language negotiation, text segmentation, fuzzy matching, language guessing, support for the GNU gettext tools, automatic extraction of translatable messages from (X)HTML documents. These and other features make of itools a must-have in the toolbox of the international Python developer.
  • itools XML infrastructure:
  • A XML compact and confortable parsing API, and a XML namespaces to define schemas. It is used to deserialize values and build high-level data structures.
  • Virtual File System:
  • The combination of itools.uri with itools.vfs provides a Virtual File System, an abstraction layer over file resources, may they be stored in the local file system, in a remote web server, or anywhere else.
  • Standard file formats:
  • XML, (X)HTML, CSV, PO/MO (from GNU Gettext), iCalendar (RFC2445), RSS 2.0, TMX, XLIFF. Enjoy the ever-growing support for standard file formats provided by itools.
  • The Simple Template Language:
  • You think all template languages are the same? We get back the meaning of the word simple, without lossing any power: STL is a declarative template language for XML files (the logic belongs to Python). Quick to learn, high-productivity in demanding environments, and fast.

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