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User friendly and very powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to seamlessly design various CSS menus and integrate them into your own projects.

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Swimbi is a powerful Mac app that offers you the possibility to quickly design and generate the code for CSS menus via an intuitive, user friendly interface. For your convenience, Swimbi includes a collection of predefined templates that can be easily customized to match your own needs.

Quick to install solution for creating CSS menus in no time

Finding your way around Swimbi is quite easy: the top area renders the menu’s appearance in real time, while on the bottom you can change the menu structure and adjust its design. To get started, simply select a base style and a configuration mode via the drop down menus placed on the top area of the Swimbi main window.

At the same time, Swimbi also includes  a Welcome Tour that presents all the steps that you must perform to publish the code, and a Help window that provides basic usage instructions for various functions.

Organize and design CSS menus via a clean and organized GUI

Right off the bat, you can use the Swimbi capabilities to create the CSS menu structure: you can add new menu and child items, assign them names, a link, a target, and so on. All included elements will be displayed in tree navigation mode, which makes the project a lot easier to organize.

Furthermore, you can easily customize the design of each graphic element: the main menu style, layout, color, transparency, pattern overlay, but also the sub-menu (animation effect, minimum width, and so on). The same rules apply when it comes to the included items, shadows, fonts, or publication style.

Streamlined and intuitive solution for creating CSS menus with minimal effort

Swimbi provides quick access to a collection of drop down menu templates that can be easily personalized via an user friendly GUI, and then integrated into your own projects in no time.

Since you can preview the adjustment results in real time, you get to tweak both the menu structure and the design style until you reach the perfect solution for your assignment.

Swimbi was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 8th, 2015

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