Sublime Package Control for Mac3.1.0 Beta 2

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A helpful package manager for Sublime Text 2






Sublime Package Control is a free and open source package manager that helps discovering, installing, updating and removing packages for the Sublime Text 2 application.

Sublime Package Control features an automatic upgrader and supports GitHub, BitBucket and a full channel/repository system.

The command pallete will now show a number of commands:
· Add Repository
· Add Repository Channel
· Create Package File
· Create Binary Package File
· Disable Package
· Discover Packages
· Enable Package
· Install Package
· List Packages
· Remove Package
· Upgrade Package
· Package Control Settings – Default
· Package Control Settings – User

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the Sublime Package Control utility on your Mac are available HERE.

Sublime Package Control is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Last updated on April 23rd, 2015
Sublime Package Control - The program will provide these commands within Sublime Text.Sublime Package Control - Package Control can be accessed this way too.Sublime Package Control - screenshot #3Sublime Package Control - screenshot #4Sublime Package Control - screenshot #5

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