Pow 0.4.3

Zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X

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What's new in Pow 0.4.3:

  • Upgrade Nack to 0.16 to fix issues when requiring the json library.
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Sam Stephenson
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Pow is a zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X and it will make developing Rack and Rails apps as frictionless as possible. You can install Pow in ten seconds and have your first app up and running in under a minute.

No mucking around with /etc/hosts, no compiling Apache modules, no editing configuration files or installing preference panes. And running multiple apps with multiple versions of Ruby is trivial.

How does it work? A few simple conventions eliminate the need for tedious configuration. Pow runs as your user on an unprivileged port, and includes both an HTTP and a DNS server.

The installation process sets up a firewall rule to forward incoming requests on port 80 to Pow. It also sets up a system hook so that all DNS queries for a special top-level domain (.dev) resolve to your local machine.


To serve a Rack app, just symlink it into your ~/.pow directory. Let's say you're working on an app that lives in ~/Projects/myapp. You'd like to access it at http://myapp.dev/.

Setting it up is as easy as:

cd ~/.pow
ln -s ~/Projects/myapp

That's it! The name of the symlink (myapp) determines the hostname you use (myapp.dev) to access the application it points to (~/Projects/myapp).


Pow requires Mac OS X version 10.6 or newer. To install or upgrade Pow, just open a terminal and run this command:

curl get.pow.cx | sh

You can review the install script yourself before running it, if you'd like.

The firewall rule installed by Pow redirects all incoming traffic on port 80 to port 20559, where Pow runs. This means if you have another web server running on port 80, like the Apache that comes with Mac OS X, it will be inaccessible without either disabling the firewall rule or updating that server's configuration to listen on another port.


If you decide Pow's not for you, uninstallation is just as easy:

curl get.pow.cx/uninstall.sh | sh

Further information on how to use Pow on your Mac is available HERE.

Last updated on April 6th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (-)

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