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A easy-to-use toolkit designed from the get-go to provide users with the means necessary to map a set of strings to a set of vectors swimmingly





Sally is a simple, easy to use, small and open source tool for mapping a set of strings to a set of vectors.

This mapping is referred to as embedding and allows for applying techniques of machine learning and data mining for analysis of string data.

Also, Sally can applied to several types of string data, such as text documents, DNA sequences or log files, where it can handle common formats such as directories, archives and text files of string data.

Furthermore, Sally implements a standard technique for mapping strings to a vector space that is often referred to as vector space model or bag-of-words model.

The strings are characterized by a set of features, where each feature is associated with one dimension of the vector space.

The following types of features are supported by Sally: bytes, words, n-grams of bytes and n-grams of words.

NOTE: Detailed installation instructions can be accessed HERE.
Last updated on November 20th, 2014

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