A small, fast and reliable library that provides easy access to an SQL database engine on multiple platforms, including Mac OS X.

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What's new in SQLite

  • The patch release fixes an obscure problem in the SQLite code generator that can cause incorrect results when the qualifying expression of a partial index is used inside the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN. This problem has been in the code since support for partial indexes was first added in version 3.8.0. However, it is difficult to imagine a valid reason to every put the qualifying constraint inside the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN, and so this issue has never come up before.
  • Any applications that are vulnerable to this bug would have encountered problems already. Hence, upgrading from the previous release is optional.
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SQLite is a cross platform library that can quickly deploy an SQL database engine, and allows you to quickly open and edit database files. Even with all features enabled the library has a small size, and can be easily embedded into your own projects.

Of course, the SQLite engine works better if there is more memory available, but it also registers satisfactory results in resources limited environments. As a result, SQLite represents a viable solution for smaller devices, such as smartphones or other gadgets.

Small but powerful database engine that can be used in a wide array of projects

Since the SQLite files can be used cross platform, it can successfully replace some proprietary formats used by your applications. This way, you can update your utilities on all platforms a lot easier.

In addition, you can use the SQLite engine to create databases for mobile devices or other smaller gadgets, for websites (no configuration is required), or for enterprise RDBMS designed for testing or demonstrations.

Versatile SQL engine packed with useful capabilities

The SQLite engine requires no configuration, is self contained, allows you to store an entire database in a disk file that is accessible cross platform, can deal with large databases, and features a user friendly API.

Noteworthy is that SQLite deals with transactions in a durable, atomic mode, which means that the data is not affected by system crashes. What’s more, it implements most of the SQL92 standards, and has a very small size.

To conclude, if you are looking for a powerful SQL engine library that can be integrated into your projects without leaving a large footprint, the SQLite project certainly deserves your attention. For your convenience, the SQLite databases can be managed via a command line application that comes as a standalone tool.

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Runs on: Mac OS X (-)

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