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A powerful and intuitive IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails that features smart code completion, on-the-fly code analysis and refactoring support

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RubyMine is a versatile and user-oriented Ruby and Ruby on Rails IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA platform that provides a long list of tools and features designed to improve and speed up your workflow.

Well-thought out IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails

RubyMine comes with a fully-featured Ruby code editor that is constantly aware of dynamic language specifics in order to provide intelligent smart coding assistance, smart code refactoring and code analysis capabilities.

Coding has never been easier with automatic syntax and on-the-fly error highlighting, lambda syntax, local variables semantics and more.

In addition, RubyMine is capable to automatically style Ruby code thanks to brace matching and foldings, indentation, custom formatting and TODO marks.

Numerous color schemes for your code

The provided color schemes enable you to make your code easy to read thanks to the carefully selected colors for Ruby statements, comments, keywords and other language elements, as well as multiple color schemes.

RubyMine’s code editor features a smart code completion for the Ruby language and offers intelligent Ruby statements and keywords completion, automatic completion of built-in methods, correct filtering of static and instance members in auto completion and more.

Easily check your project structure and test your apps

Moreover, RubyMine brings quick Model-View-Controller navigation options, dedicated ROR project structure views, as well as HTML, JavaScript and CSS editing support, advanced web development tools and everything you might need to create state of the art web apps.

RubyMine seamlessly integrates RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda and Test::Unit in addition to a smart UI for writing, running and navigating tests. Consequently, you can fine-tune the application code and breakpoint Ruby code as well as RHTML code.

On top of that, RubyMine is compatible with most modern VCS and SCMs and, as a result provides a unified UI for Git, Subversion, Perforce, Mercurial, CSV and other similar versioning services.

RubyMine was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
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