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User-oriented and powerful cross-platform utility designed to make it simple and fast to query, navigate, and manage a vast number of database formats

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RazorSQL is able to connect to over 30 different types of databases and allows you to browse their content, perform SQL queries, or conduct various management functions. You can use RazorSQL to import or export data to and from your database, compare data across databases, and more.

Supports various types of databases

RazorSQL is using Java based data access technology (JDBC) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to help you establish a connection with various types of databases. The app is able to work with various database management systems, such as JavaDB, Firebird, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, and many others.

Import and export data, as well as browse and edit the database content

Once you establish a connection, you can use the RazorSQL tools to navigate all the included data and visualize schemas, tables, functions, data columns and more. At the same time, you are able to edit the content, by creating new elements, altering the existing ones, or removing items altogether.

RazorSQL offers you the possibility to quickly import data to your database by processing  various types of files that include delimited content. At the same time, you can export part of your database as XML, HTML, or Excel documents.

Furthermore, RazorSQL offers you the possibility to compare information stored into different tables, even when stored into different databases. Since the application enables you to perform different queries, you can also compare the results.

Easy to set up database manager with an inbuilt SQL Editor

To extend its capabilities, RazorSQL also includes an SQL editor that provides support for writing syntax in over 20 different languages, such as SQL, PHP, HTMl, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

RazorSQL enables you to quickly connect to various types of databases, browse its content, perform various management functions, run SQL queries, import or export data, compare tables across databases and much more.

Since it comes with a connection wizard and includes a powerful, built in relational database (HSQLDB), you should be able to get things going in no time.

RazorSQL was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
RazorSQL - The left ide SQL Sidekick panel enables users to quickly and easily generate SQL statements with a click of a mouse.RazorSQL - By accessing the Generate SQL menu of the context menu, you will be able to effortlessly select, insert, update or rows from the highlighted table.RazorSQL - From the SQL editor contextual menu, you can speedily execute the selected SQL statements.RazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQLRazorSQL

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