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A powerful object-oriented software programming platform that offers you a wide range of tools that can be used for creating desktop, web, or mobile applications.

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The Xojo programming platform is designed to use the Xojo language to allow developers to create powerful and cross-platform applications by making use of object oriented tools.

As a result, Xojo can be successfully used by people that have just started creating software, but also includes powerful functions that provide the depth required by experienced programmers.

Clean and organized design

To help you access the language’s capabilities in a more intuitive manner, Xojo provides a  simple graphical user interface.

The main window is separated in three areas: in the left panel you can view the project contents, the center is reserved for previewing the results, while the panel on the right allows you to customize the currently selected element.

Wide collection of predefined elements

Xojo comes with various types of buttons, input methods, objects, constants, operators, built-in methods and functions, and much more. Browse the included library to view all the available possibilities and include some of them in your own project.

Note that both the support area of the Xojo website and the software archive provide access to various resources, examples, templates, plug-ins, or scripts designed to help you get started.

Built-in Code Editor designed to help you test new apps right away

Xojo offers you the possibility to use its Code editor to start programming your application. Xojo is providing a straightforward language and also allows you to personalize the syntax highlighting pattern to match your own needs, among other things.

Xojo offers you the possibility to compile and run the applications to check the end results. Moreover, Xojo can analyze your project, displays all the resulted warnings and helps you understand what went wrong.

Powerful yet easy to use software development platform

The intuitive graphical user interface makes Xojo very easy to use even by inexperienced programmers, while the Xojo language provides the depth for developing more complex projects.

At the same time, the extensive documentation and the resources library, can also prove very useful if you just started making software.

Xojo was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
Xojo - Xojo provides you with powerful tools that allow you to build your own desktop applications.Xojo - screenshot #2Xojo - The application allows you to change the scope of any item to public or private.Xojo - screenshot #4Xojo - Pressing the Library button provides you with a large array of buttons, pickers and inputs.Xojo - screenshot #6Xojo - screenshot #7Xojo - screenshot #8Xojo - screenshot #9Xojo - screenshot #10Xojo - screenshot #11Xojo - screenshot #12Xojo - screenshot #13Xojo - screenshot #14

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