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Professional build automation and management
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QuickBuild is the professional version of the popular open source build server, Luntbuild.

QuickBuild is a build automation and management server that unifies all levels of builds such as continuous integration, daily build, QA and release build.

Build can be promoted from one level to another, triggering desired steps such as sending notification, source code re-labeling, etc.

QuickBuild enables a build-centric process to drive the smooth delivery of builds between different groups of the team, for example, from developer to QA, from QA to release manager, etc.

QuickBuild is cross-platform and runs on all platforms supporting Java 1.4 or higher, like Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Main features:

  • A unified build platform with fine-grained access control. QuickBuild is a platform supporting all levels of build needs such as continuous integration, nightly build, QA build, and release build. Access control can be applied to these build levels to separate duties among different roles of the team.
  • Powerful but easy to use. Download, extract and run in several minutes. No boring XML files to edit. Everything is done through a clean and intuitive web interface with inline helps.
  • Highly configurable and extensible. Starters can set up build for their projects quickly with QuickBuild's tuned default settings, while experienced users can configure QuickBuild to handle very specific build needs with the help of variables, OGNL expressions and customizable build steps.
  • Flexible build versioning strategy. Build versions can be auto-increased and can include various information such as date time, build iteration number, repository head revision, etc. You may define your own versioning strategy with help of variables. Different versioning strategy can be applied to different build levels.
  • Build delivery by promoting build from one level to another.Build can be promoted from one level to another to take a new version. At the same time, steps such as sending notification, source code re-labeling can be triggered. In this way, build can be delivered from developer to QA, or from QA to release manager smoothly.
  • Cross-server build dependency handling. One project can be declared to be dependent on other project(s). Then dependent project(s) can be built first to generate latest artifacts that will be used to build current project. The dependency mechanism works even when projects reside on different machines.
  • Remote and parallel build support. With QuickBuild, you can set up build for projects consisting of components that should be built on different OS platforms, and these components can be built simultaneously to speed up the whole build process.
  • Build definition inheritance and overriding. QuickBuild organizes projects in a tree like structure, and utilizes concept of inheritance and overriding to encourage build definition reuse, which proves to be very convenient and powerful, when configuring many builds.
  • Upfront license with competitive price. Unlike most of our competitors who enforce single server license, we allow you to install QuickBuild on unlimited number of physical servers as long as the servers belong to the same physical site. No limits set on number of projects or users.
  • Source code is available to protect your investment. Commercial users are able to access complete source code of QuickBuild.

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What's New in This Release:
  • Promotion condition of "If login user belongs to one of specified groups" cause build to throw exceptions when auto promoted
  • Report Aggregation not working with non-standard storage dir
  • QuickBuild doesn't correctly perform up-to-date check for Perforce task streans
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