Qt 5.4.1

A cross-platform and versatile rich-client and server application development framework that provides support for C++ development.

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What's new in Qt 5.4.1:

  • Qt 5.4.1 restores binary compatibility for Qt 5.3.2 (and the Qt 5 series) on Windows. Unfortunately Qt 5.4.0 broke binary compatibility on Windows when using MSVC 2012 or MSVC 2013, which is now fixed in Qt 5.4.1, and thus it maintains backward and forward compatibility with the Qt 5 series (except for Qt 5.4.0). Qt 5.4.1 also fixes many of the known issues of Qt 5.4.0, including building Qt on Linux without dbus (QTBUG-43205). Starting with Qt 5.4.1, QtDBus is enabled for all builds.
  • Other important fixes in Qt 5.4.1 include enabling JIT by default in the Qt Quick Engine (QTBUG-43171), a couple of critical fixes to OpenGL (QTBUG-43178 and QTBUG-43318), and fixes to Mac binaries (QTBUG-42594, QTBUG-43100). Qt 5.4.1 also provides a large number of improvements to WinRT (for example QTBUG-41769, QTBUG-43862, and QTBUG-44196), and adds support for Windows 10 Technical Preview (QTBUG-43413).
  • The device creation reference stacks for embedded Linux and embedded Android have also been updated to use Qt 5.4.1. There are some improvements in functionality, for example better support for compiling projects using embedded Linux toolchains and having add-on modules built into the image included in the generated Qt Creator custom Kit.
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Qt is a powerful and comprehensive application development framework that can be used to create cross platform applications, for both desktop and mobile devices. The framework also integrates user friendly and efficient tools designed to streamline the entire process.

Development framework for designing, writing the code, debugging and deploying apps

Creating prototypes using Qt is fairly easy because the framework comes with C++ library classes and a user interface that provides quick access to highly productive tools. Thanks to the Qt Quick language you get to effortlessly create the user interface design in no time.

Furthermore, Qt enables you to recycle your own code, but also comes with a collection of predefined software stacks that can be used to start up prototypes for specific devices.

Packs a plethora of essential tools and sports professional-level development capabilities

Qt integrates modules and add-ons that can help you deal with most issues raised while developing client or server applications: you get to create dynamic 2D charts or visualize 3D charts, you can implement in-app purchasing, the Qt Quick Compiler is capable to build and deploy dynamic Qt files, while the Qt WebView can be used to embed dynamic web contents into your own projects.

Additionally, the built in virtual keyboard will prove to be very useful while developing utilities for touchscreen devices, while the Qt Enterprise Tooling works to improve your productivity level. You can also use the integrated Qt Cloud services if you are an adept of the BYOD policy.

Comprehensive app development framework for creating utilities that can run on any device

Qt proposes intuitive, highly productive and powerful tools for developing, compiling and deploying software projects on any device, regardless of its type and location. If you are looking for a modern framework that integrates both essential and professional-level features, Qt certainly deserves your attention.

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