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User friendly drawing tool that enables you to design graphics for your OS or iOS projects and generates code for the images in real time.

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QBlocks proposes simple solutions for creating high quality graphics for your iOS or OS X applications in an intuitive manner: use an WYSIWYG editor to draw the objects, and the app automatically generates the source code for the images.

Uncomplicated vector drawing tool featuring basic capabilities

The QBlocks user interface is focused around 2 tasks: drawing the graphics, and generating the Objective-C code that can be included in either OS X or iOS projects. To help you achieve the first part, QBlocks comes with a collection of simple tools that enables you to draw rectangles, round shapes, ovals, polygons, stars, or text objects.

In addition, QBlocks allows you to apply shadow and gradient effects, or can fill the objects with colors or user imported images. To help you create various effects, QBlocks allows you to arrange the objects on multiple levels, and enables you to group items together.

For your convenience,  QBlocks comes with a collection of predefined canvas sizes that match the dimensions of various iPhone or iPad devices. This way you can make sure the final project has the correct resolution.

Quickly generate the Objective-C source code for the vector graphics in no time

Via the QBlocks Settings menu you can easily decide if you want to generate the source code for an OS X or for an iOS project: in the second window tab you get to visualize the code. The final result can be exported to an image file (PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF, or TIFF), to a PDF document, or to UIView Interface or Implementation files.

Streamlined graphic editor for creating graphical user interfaces for iOS or OS X applications

QBlocks offers you the possibility to create beautiful interfaces for your projects by using simple but efficient drawing tools: the app automatically generates the source code for your drawings, and enables you to integrate the results into your projects with minimal effort.

QBlocks was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
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