PyDaylight 1.0

Rapid application development library for Python based on the Daylight chemical informatics toolkits
Researchers enjoy the PyDaylight rapid application development library because it lets them implement and test new chemical algorithms in less than half the time of traditional methods.

Software developers appreciate the use of high-level constructs such as object-oriented design, iterators and exceptions, and the easy integration with other Python libraries.

Support staff enjoy it for its readability and its robust implementation that precludes most categories of silent errors, including type mismatches and memory leaks.

Installation: To install PyDaylight on your Mac you will have to open a Terminal window, browse to PyDaylight's folder and run the following command from inside that directory (you will need administrator privileges to be able to run it):

sudo python install

Main features:

  • Toolkit objects - including molecules, fingerprints, reactions and SMARTS and SMIRK queries - are first class Python objects with methods and attributes.
  • Full support for Thor and Merlin databases, including an MCL to PyDaylight compiler.
  • Depictions rendered in Tk and PIL, the Python Imaging Library.
  • Client and server libraries for program objects.
  • Toolkit streams and sequences are converted to native Python lists and iterators.
  • Function calls are checked and any error return values are converted to Python exceptions.
  • Automatic garbage collection.

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November 27th, 2009, 23:33 GMT
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Dalke Scientific Software LLC
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Mac OS X
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What's New in This Release:
  • PyDaylight 1.0 supports Daylight toolkits v4.81 and newer. If you are using an older toolkit version you should try one of the older PyDaylight distributions.
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