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A Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to create graphical user interface elements for scripts written in Perl, PHP, AppleScripts, and more.

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Interacting with applications that have been developed in a programming language that do not include support for creating graphical user interfaces can prove to be fairly challenging.

Pashua is a Mac OS X app that can help you create Aqua styled dialog windows for projects written in AppleScript, PHP, Python, Rexx, Ruby, Perl, Groovy, Tcl, or for shell scripts. Noteworthy is that you must copy Pashua to your Applications directory for the utility to work properly.

User friendly solution for generating GUI elements for your scripts

To help you understand how Pashua works, the software archive includes a collection of example scripts written in various programming languages, but also a doubleclickable utility. Launching the app on its own does not have any effect: you must launch one of these scripts to test the Pashua capabilities.

In addition, the archive also includes an extensive documentation that gives you an idea about what you can achieve by making use of the app. Pashua is able to recognize window attributes, can create buttons, check boxes, text boxes, popup windows, and much more.

Effortlessly create Aqua dialog windows for your scripts

Once the Pashua app is installed on your Mac, you can call it from the script for which you want to generate Aqua dialog windows, and setup a configuration file. Pashua will start by creating a dialog window where you can input various arguments.

The next step is to press the “Ok” button placed in the bottom right corner of the dialog window: Pashua will instantly generate the elements defined in the configuration file. If you take the time to browse the Pashua documentation and learn the syntax, generating new windows is fairly easy.

Simple but powerful solution for generating Aqua dialog windows for your scripts

Pashua proposes a simple syntax for generating dialog windows suitable for scripts that have been developed in programming languages that do not include support for graphic elements. Once you learn how to call and configure the utility properly, it can become a very useful addition to your developer tools collection.

Pashua was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 21st, 2015

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