Parrot for Mac7.8.0

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A virtual machine intended to help you compile and execute code, and that provides support for multiple dynamic languages, such as PHP, Ruby, Javascript, and more






Parrot is a virtual machine that can be accessed via the command line and offers you the possibility to compile and run bytecode written in a variety of programming languages, such as .NET, APL, PHP, Lua, Python, Scheme, Tcl, Ruby, Perl, or Javascript.

If you do not want to build Parrot from sources you can use Macports to easily install it using the following command in a Terminal window:

sudo port install parrot

Furthermore, Parrot comes with an extensive online documentation that provides guidelines for building and testing the virtual machine.

The same area includes usage instructions and show you how to use the included compiler tools, grammar engine, dynamic PMCs or Opcodes, and so on.
Last updated on August 19th, 2015
Parrot - This is Parrot's help message displayed in a Terminal window on OS X.

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