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An user friendly integrated development environment for Mac OS X designed to help you code using the tools provided by the Pebble SDK.

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The Pebble SDK can be used to develop applications for the Pebble smartwatch. The SDK allows you to write apps in C and then run them on the Pebble gadget. At the same time, the development kit includes native libraries, helps you leverage your phone’s resources and more.

PIE is a small Mac OS X application that comes with an user friendly design and provides access to an integrated development environment. To use PIE, you must make sure that the Pebble SDK has been installed beforehand. You can find details on how you can achieve that on the Pebble SDK developers’ website.

Set the SDK path

Right off the bat, you must help PIE find the Pebble SDK resources by specifying the directory path to the SDK directory. You can achieve that via the PIE SDK menu or by navigating to the Preferences window. The same area allows you to set up the default projects and screenshots folders.

User friendly design

Most of the PIE features can be accessed via the app’s main window which is separated in three main areas: the left panel displays a list with all the files included in your project, on the right side of the main window you can view and edit your code, while a small panel at the bottom of the window shows the console messages.

Create, build, analyze, and install

PIE can be used to write code but also for analyzing and cleaning up your files: the app comes with syntax highlighting support, which makes the entire process a lot faster. Moreover, PIE can also connect to your devices, allowing you to install the applications directly.

Clean environment for developing Pebble projects

PIE is a small but very efficient application that provides easy access to an integrated development environment for the Pebble SDK. Thanks to its capabilities the entire development process will be streamlined.

PIE was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 13th, 2014
PIE - In the PIE main window you can easily add new devices and more.PIE - In the PIE Preferences window you can easily set up the path to the Pebble SDK directory.PIEPIE - In the PIE Preferences window you can easily customize the color code for the syntax highlight.PIE

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