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Not just a simple NoSQL DBMS, but one of the most powerful and comprehensive tools for both document and graph database management out there

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OrientDB is a NoSQL database management system that promises to merge the best points of both document and graph advantages under one single performance orientated database.

In fact, by taking a quick look at OrientDB's features will immediately make you understand its worth. Besides the support for both graph and document databases, OrientDB also comes with the following features: server-side functions, native HTTP Rest/JSON, sharding, multi-master replication, embedded documents, custom data types, ACID transactions, TinkerPop Gremlin language, and so forth.

Powerful DBMS with features for relational and documents databases, management and object-orientated engines

Designed to be as fast and as efficient as possible, OrientDB makes it possible for you to store up to  220.000 records per second on common hardware. This means that you will be able to manage and go through parts of entire trees and graphs of records in less than a second.

Because OrientDB is Java-based means that it runs on OS, Windows, and Linux, and, before you can actually take advantage of what it has to offer, you must first go through a slightly complicated installation process.

Far from an intuitive installation process, but it’s definitely worth it

Extract the archive and click on the “config” folder, open the “orientdb-server-config.xml file”, add your own user and password in the following field , save and close.

Within the Databases directory, you will find all the databases supported by the server. You can easily create new databases and storage sites. Finally, in the “bin” directory contains everything you need for all kind of servers and consoles.

Drag the “server.sh” file into a new Terminal window and you should be able to get closer to actually seeing OrientDB’s web app, from where you can create and manage indices, records, classes, etc. Open a new web browser and type “http://localhost:2480” and use your credentials, such as username and password, defined in the configuration file.

Limiting this product as being just a NoSQL database management solution would be totally unfair

Taking all things into consideration, with its impressive set of features all mashed up and support for both document and graph databases, it’s clear that OrientDB is one of the best DBMS currently on the market and more than a NoSQL database management solution, as it offers something different than other similar products out there.

OrientDB was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
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