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Easily share your notebooks all the time.
NoteShare Server - The left panel enables users to easily browse the history and contents of the loaded notebook.
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NoteShare Server is an enhanced version of AquaMinds NoteShare collaborative technology. NoteShare Server that lets you and a classroom or project team effortlessly share notebook documents without having to leave the notebooks open and running on anyone's personal computer.

Instead, NoteShare users can store and organize the notebooks they want to share on one central computer running NoteShare Server, which can continually serve and manage notebooks for viewers.

In addition, notebook owners or administrators can conveniently manage notebook sharing from their own computer, using Server's companion tool, NoteShare Administrator.

NoteShare Server manages shared notebooks from public and private spaces, just like NoteShare. But with Server, notebooks are shared from a dedicated computer, where they can remain continually available to viewers, without having to remain open.

NoteShare Server requires no extra steps to share a notebook or make it accessible to viewers. Even on a re-start or re-boot, your Server is already managing and sharing your notebooks. It's that easy.

At the same time that NoteShare Server is sharing your team's notebooks, you can use it like a regular version of NoteShare, to create and work with personal notebooks that aren't shared with anyone, or to share them yourself (where they aren't managed by Server).

Easily administer and service your NoteShare Sever locally or remotely from any computer, using the companion application, NoteShare Administrator.

Main features:

  • NoteShare Server allows you to easily manage and share your notebooks by storing them in one place for "always on" server access.
  • Eliminates need for "opening and sharing" notebooks to enable access.
  • Supports at least 36 concurrent viewers working on the same shared notebook.
  • Manages access, permissions, passwords and security of shared notebooks from one place.
  • Supports both public and private spaces for both LAN and WAN access.
  • Runs on any standard Tiger or Leopard OS X system without additional server software and hardware.
  • Non-stop monitor process re-launches application on crash or re-boot with automatic "sharing".
  • Easily managed by Administrator application which also supports remote access via web browser (Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • Seamlessly integrated with NoteShare Express for viewing shared notebooks via web browser (Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • Supports Web Notebook creation and automatic live updating from any source "shared notebook".
  • Compatible with any notebook created using NoteShare or NoteTaker.
  • Optional "NoteShare" mode allows full access to all of NoteShare's notebook creation features and commands.
  • Enables "always on" notebook sharing for convenient 24x7 access by NoteShare or NoteShare Express users.
  • Easily manage shared notebooks locally or remotely using Administrator.
  • Notebooks can be uploaded and shared using Administrator.
  • New spaces and new notebooks can be added using Administrator (locally or remotely).
  • NoteShare Server supports automatic "sharing" in the event of a crash or system re-boot.
  • NoteShare Server supports sharing-based collaboration with secure, encrypted spaces and notebooks.
  • NoteShare Server enables dynamic web publishing and access via web notebooks (Windows, Mac and Linux).

last updated on:
December 18th, 2013, 13:15 GMT
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27.3 MB
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developed by:
Aquaminds Software
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
binary format:
Intel only
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NoteShare Server

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17 Screenshots
NoteShare Server - From the Insert menu, users can easily open the Templates management window and add new pages to the loaded notebook.NoteShare Server - By accessing the Format menu, you will be able to adjust the Cover Title default location.NoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare ServerNoteShare Server
What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed issues related to OS X 10.9 "Mavericks"
  • Fixed issue with favorite characters not appearing in Edit menu.
  • Fixed issue with zoom settings causing entry contents to not be visible.
  • Fixed crash on save when closing notebook after adding attachment.
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