Neo4j 2.1.5

A free and open source graph database
Neo4j - By launching Neo4j in a Terminal window with no arguments, its usage will be displayed.
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Neo4j is an embedded, disk-based, fully transactional Java persistence engine that stores data structured in graphs rather than in tables.

A graph (mathematical lingo for a network) is a flexible data structure that allows a more agile and rapid style of development.

You can think of Neo4j as a high-performance graph engine with all the features of a mature and robust database. The programmer works with an object-oriented, flexible network structure rather than with strict and static tables — yet enjoys all the benefits of a fully transactional, enterprise-strength database.

In addition, Neo4j includes the usual database features: ACID transactions, concurrency control, transaction recovery, durable persistence, and everything else you would expect from an enterprise-strength database.

Main features:

  • an intuitive graph-oriented model for data representation. Instead of static and rigid tables, rows and columns, you work with a flexible graph network consisting of nodes, relationships and properties.
  • a disk-based, native storage manager completely optimized for storing graph structures for maximum performance and scalability.
  • massive scalability. Neo4j can handle graphs of several billion nodes/relationships/properties on a single machine and can be sharded to scale out across multiple machines.
  • a powerful traversal framework for high-speed traversals in the node space.
  • a small footprint. Neo4j is a single

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2 Screenshots
Neo4j - The graph shows how Neo4j stores data in nodes connected by directed, typed relationships.
What's New in This Release:
  • Maintenance release, with critical improvements.
  • Notably, this release addresses the following:
  • Corrects a Cypher compiler error introduced only in Neo4j 2.1.4, which caused Cypher queries containing nested maps to fail type checking.
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