MySQL Workbench for Mac6.3.4

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A versatile and user-oriented visual tool specially designed for database developers, architects, as well as database administrators

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MySQL Workbench is a fully-featured Mac OS X application that helps you design, model, generate and manage databases with ease.

Powerful and flexible utility that helps you design and handle databases

MySQL Workbench provides all the required tools you might need to create complex RT models, forward and reverse engineer or perform a wide variety of management and documentation tasks  from within a simple and user-friendly interface.

By using the provided visual tools, you can easily create, execute and optimize SQL queries. In addition, MySQL Workbench comes with color syntax highlighting capabilities, autocomplete features, SQL execution history and reuse of SQL snippets.

Effortlessly administer MySQL environments and visualize your work

Thanks to the Database Connections Panel, you can effortlessly manage database connections while the Object Browser helps you gain quick access to database objects and schema. Moreover, the visual console makes it easier to administer MySQL environments and better visualize your databases.

Consequently, database administrators along with developers can use the visual tools to administer users, configure server, backup and recover the database, check the database health and inspect audit data.

Check your databases’ performance from within the Performance Dashboard

Furthermore, MySQL Workbench features a visual Performance Dashboard and a suit of tools designed to improve the performance of MySQL apps. As expected, key performance indicators are displayed in the Performance Dashboard while the Performance reports helps you identify and access IO hotspots, high cost SQL statements and more.

Visual Explain Plan is another valuable feature that allows developers to view where their query require improvements and further optimization.

Easily migrate from other relational database management systems

MySQL Workbench also promises to helps you migrate Microsoft SQL Server, PostreSQL, Sybase ASE, RDBMS tables, data and objects to MySQL. Hence, you can quickly convert existing apps to run on MySQL both on Mac OSX, Windows and other platforms.

MySQL Workbench was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 15th, 2015
MySQL Workbench - From MySQL Workbench's main window you can design, edit and edit your MySQL database.MySQL Workbench - The File menu helps you create a new model, import or export diagrams with just a couple of mouse clicks.MySQL Workbench - screenshot #3MySQL Workbench - By accessing the View menu, you can zoom in or out, set markers, toggle the full screen and return home.MySQL Workbench - screenshot #5MySQL Workbench - screenshot #6MySQL Workbench - screenshot #7MySQL Workbench - screenshot #8MySQL Workbench - screenshot #9MySQL Workbench - screenshot #10MySQL Workbench - screenshot #11MySQL Workbench - screenshot #12MySQL Workbench - screenshot #13MySQL Workbench - screenshot #14MySQL Workbench - screenshot #15

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