Open source testing framework for GUI applications developed using Java/Swing
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Marathon is an application that can be used to run GUI based acceptance tests against swing applications. It is composed of a runner, and recorder, and an editor.

Marathon records all actions on unrecognized user interface elements, so you can use Marathon for non-standard components and even automating actions.

Use custom component resolvers to further extend Marathon to record semantic actions on your custom components.

Benefit from the improvements to Marathon, like dock-able windows, cut&paste operations in the editors and of course, tabbed editing facilities. Download Marathon now and explore the possibilities of test automation.

Main features:

  • Built for flexibility:
  • Marathon has been designed and developed to be the most flexible Java GUI Testing tool. Using Jython as the scripting language allows you to inspect and act on almost any aspect of the Java application under test. Use Marathon's simple scripting elements to access the components available on the current screen. Use the control structures and conditional statements provided by Jython to automate any and all actions of your java application.
  • Simple design:
  • Marathon Workspace Built by people who are experts in agile methodologies, Marathon embodies the value of simplicity. One of the primary goals of Marathon is the ability to write test cases even before the application under test is built. Few simple scripting elements added to Jython run-time allowed us to reach this goal.
  • Cross platform:
  • Marathon supports any platform with a JDK 1.2+ is available. You can optionally choose to fire the appropriate command key code (Command on Mac and Control on others) even when the script is recorded with Control or Command key depending on the platform.
  • Configurable desktop:
  • Use the docking features to configure Marathon desktop the way you want it.
  • Syntax aware editor:
  • Marathon uses jedit-syntax package. All Jython code is color coded for easy readability. You can choose a font from the preferences dialog to use it in the editor.
  • Output pane:
  • The Output pane of Marathon shows all output from the application under test. The output is color coded, so you know which is coming on the standard error stream and which from output stream.
  • Online or batch run - you decide:
  • The Marathon test scripts can be executed either through the GUI or from a batch file. With little effort, you can integrate Marathon into your integration platform.
  • Test reports:
  • Marathon create test reports in multiple formats - XML, Text or HTML. Give the option while running in batch mode, come back and check the report for errors. From JUnit panel in Marathon, choose test report option and Marathon shows a cleanly formatted report in your browser for the current test run.
  • Modules for modularizing test scripts:
  • Marathon supports the concept of Modules, ability to create a library of snippets from the recorded scripts. These snippets can be used while recording new test cases and can be shared across test cases. You can use any Jython function in the snippets (and for that matter in the test scripts).
  • Fixtures for proper creation and destruction of test environment:
  • A fixture consists of two functions - setup & teardown. These functions are executed at the beginning of a test and at the end. Use setup to setup the environment for a particular test (like copying a file, setting up a database). teardown can be used to reset the work environment. teardown is executed even when the setup fails.
  • Extend-able design:
  • You can extend Marathon to support custom components by writing custom Component Resolvers. Samples are provided in Marathon source distribution, that can be used as a starting point.

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