Manipulate Coda for Mac

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A collection of Coda plug-ins for manipulating text.




Manipulate Coda is a great collection that includes 7 Coda plug-ins that provide numerous text processing tools.

The Manipulate Coda set includes the following plug-ins: Manipulate Case, Manipulate Clipboard, Manipulate Code, Manipulate Encoding, Manipulate Hash, Manipulate Lines and Manipulate Markup.

The Manipulate Coda plug-in will install via its built-in mechanism: simply double click the .codaplugin file included in the archive. The next step is to launch the Coda application and navigate to the Plug-ins menu.
Last updated on October 17th, 2012
Manipulate Coda - The Coda Plug-ins menu allows you to quickly access the Manipulate tools.Manipulate Coda - You have the possibility to quickly swap your clipboard content and more.Manipulate CodaManipulate CodaManipulate Coda - The plug-ins also provides case manipulation tools.Manipulate CodaManipulate Coda

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