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TeX is a typesetting computer language designed to help you deal with all sorts of technical documentation. MacTeX is a software package that enables you to install and take advantage of the language’s capabilities on your Mac computer.

Easy to install distribution of the TeX language for the Mac

The MacTeX software package comes with an installer designed to streamline the deployment process of the TeX reference edition: all you have to do is follow the on screen instructions. Once the process is over, your operating system will contain the tools needed to run TeX.

However, you might also choose to download and install the MacTeXtras package, which provides an extensive documentation, showcase items, spell checkers, and more front ends.

Effortlessly gain access to extensive TeX resources

The MacTeX installer will deploy on your Mac the TeX Live edition which enables you to use most TeX packages: LaTeX, pdfTeX, ConTeX, LuaTeX, and so on. Noteworthy is that MacTeX comes with more than one graphical user interface utilities, so you do not have to install front ends separately.

Since everything is preconfigured, you will be able to use the MacTeX capabilities right out of the box, without worrying about making additional settings. Nonetheless, the package does not include uninstallation capabilities: to learn more about this process, read the instructions provided by the developers online.

Streamlined solution for deploying the TeX typesetting system on your Mac computer together with GUI utilities

MacTeX proposes an user friendly solution for installing the TeX language on your Mac without too much hustle. Since the package includes multiple GUI utilities that are preconfigured, you will be able to employ the typesetting system right out of the box.

Moreover, you have the option to extend its capabilities by quickly installing the additional front end utilities and spell checkers that are included in the MacTeXtras package.

MacTeX was reviewed by , last updated on July 3rd, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Universal Binary)

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What's new in MacTeX 2014:

  • MacTeX-2014 installs updated versions of the GUI applications that were already in MacTeX-2013. TeXworks is no longer included, but is available for download here for OS X 10.5 [PPC & Intel], 10.6+ and 10.8+. Make sure you download the appropriate version for your OS.
  • MacTeX installs Ghostscript, 9.10, an update of the Ghostscript 9.07 in MacTeX-2013. This package is self-contained; MacTeX installs no libraries in /usr/local/lib. On Mrch 26, 2014, Ghostscript 9.14 was released, but that version has TeX-related bugs and could not be used in MacTeX..
  • In previous years, MacTeX installed the convert utility from Image Magick. This utility is no longer needed by tex4ht, and other graphic conversion programs are available in Mac OS X, including Preview and the command line program sips.
  • In previous years, MacTeX contained optional packages to make the Latin-Modern and TeX-Gyre fonts in TeX available to other Mac OS X programs. These are no longer provided because only a few users installed them, and because a better procedure is to create symbolic links in /Library/Fonts to desired opentype TeX fonts in TeX Live.
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