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An easy to use universal log file viewer that enables users to handle any log file formats, monitor logs over long periods of time






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LogMX is an easy-to-use and very intuitive cross platform tool for developers and administrators working with log and trace files.

Using a nice and powerful graphical interface, LogMX displays log & trace files content, allowing filters on levels (e.g. INFO, WARNING, ...) and emitting classes and/or packages.

Moreover, LogMX was designed to read all log & trace formats from local or remote files: user can learn LogMX how to read new file formats using easy-to-write plugins, and learn it new log levels directly through application options (LogMX is delivered with common parser-plugins for user convenience, such as Log4j, Java Logging, and LogFactor5 formats).
Last updated on April 19th, 2015
LogMX - From LogMX's main window you can quickly and easily open, preview, analyze and parse logs.LogMX - The context menu helps you compute elapsed time and hide or show emitters package.LogMX - By accessing the Filter menu, you can apply custom filtering states with just a few mouse clicks.LogMXLogMXLogMXLogMXLogMXLogMXLogMXLogMXLogMX

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