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A stable and feature rich visual programming environment for the FreePascal Compiler that enables you to create your own applications

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Lazarus is a powerful, versatile, Delphi compatible and cross-platform Integrated development environment for Free Pascal that also includes LCL. Thanks to Lazarus you easily develop Delphy-like applications for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, OS/2 and other operating systems.

Lazarus comes with a wide variety of components that you can use in your development and a graphical form designer, which can help you shape complex and well-designed graphical user interfaces.

API independent

The best thing about Lazarus is that you can write your code and link it against the desired API widget set. Hence, you can use GTK+, Gnome or any other existing widget set as long as its interface code is available. What is more, if you want to use a widget set and its interface code is not available, you can try to write it on your own.

By using Lazarus, you can create your own commercial or open source applications. By using the available tools and features, you can create and design image viewers, graphic editors, file browsers, database or 3D apps, games, scientific apps or any type of cross-platform application you want.

Delphi code supported

Lazarus allows you to use existing standard Delphi pascal if it uses the standard components found in Delphi. However, if you made use of specific database like DCU or OCX you will not be able to use your code since these items are specific to a certain platform.

User-friendly interface

From Lazarus’ main window you can easily create a new unit or form, save your project and export it as HTML. The Search menu helps you find the code block start or end, locate identifier references and even rename the identifier.

You can hide or show the Object Inspector, units, forms, watches, BreakPoints, local variables, call stack, assembler and event log by using the pre-defined hotkeys or opening the View menu. In addition, you can run, build, compile and debug your app with just a few mouse clicks.

Lazarus was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 14th, 2015
Lazarus - screenshot #1Lazarus - The Search menu helps you jump back or forward and add jump point to history.Lazarus - By accessing the View menu, you can open or close various debug windows with just a few mouse clicks.Lazarus - screenshot #4Lazarus - From the Run menu, you can easily run, build and configure the run plus build file.Lazarus - screenshot #6Lazarus - screenshot #7Lazarus - screenshot #8Lazarus - screenshot #9Lazarus - screenshot #10Lazarus - screenshot #11Lazarus - screenshot #12Lazarus - screenshot #13Lazarus - screenshot #14Lazarus - screenshot #15Lazarus - screenshot #16

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