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Provides a build for the LAME library that is required by the Audacity application to run properly and be able to process MP3 audio files




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LAME Framework is a software package that contains the compiled version of the LAME open source MPEG Audio Layer III (also known as MP3) encoder. The project is released under LGPL license and you can rebuild the library if you wish.

The LAME source code is available of the LAME project page and you must make sure that you have Xcode installed beforehand. Simply download the Lame source code, execute the included script and you will be able to use the new libmp3lame.dylib build.

This version of the LAME Framework based on the lame-3.97 distribution, is intended to be used on PowerPC based Mac computers and it might not work on Intel architectures.

The LAME Framework package comes with an installer project that will help you quickly place the LAME library in the /usr/local/lib folder. You can easily create your own installer by using the following command: sudo /Developer/Tools/packagemaker -build -proj (installer name).pmproj -p ../Lame\ (package name).pkg

LAME Framework is extremely useful if you want to use Audacity to process MP3 audio files but you are not familiar with the Terminal commands or you do not want to spend the time compiling the LAME source code.
Last updated on August 2nd, 2007

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