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Streamlined Mac OS X code editor that comes with a beautiful interface and can help you organize your projects, and develop code in a variety of languages.

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Intended for developers that do not want to deal with the complexity of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Komodo Edit is an open source Mac application that can help you write code in a stress free habitat.

Well organized code editor that allows you to develop projects in a variety of languages

Komodo Edit comes with a streamlined user interface that enables you to quickly create new projects and start working on new files. The left side panel of the main window is reserved for navigating the files currently included in your project, while the main area allows you to view and edit their content.

The application is able to work with most popular programming languages, such as C++, CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, Perl, PHP, and so on. At the same time, Komodo Edit is able to check the syntax in real time.

Effortlessly personalize the work space to match your own needs

Right off the bat, in the Komodo Edit main window, you can choose to organize your work space by using different layouts: all you have to do is press the appropriate buttons from the top toolbar. Moreover, you get to change interface theme, color code, and so on.

Naturally, Komodo Edit also integrates a collection of tools that can help you streamline the development process: the Code Intelligence functionalities include autocomplete, calltips, and a Code Browser. Moreover, the file association rules will automatically change the default language depending on the file extension.

Powerful and comprehensive code editor that provides a clean working environment

Komodo Edit combines an elegant user interface with the comfort of having access to simple but efficient tools that can reduce the time spent on tedious, repetitive tasks. The editor is able to work with the most popular programming languages and includes an extensive documentation to help you learn more about how it can help you improve your workflow.

Komodo Edit was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
Komodo Edit - From Komodo Edit's main window you can visualize, create, open and edit source code files using your Mac.Komodo Edit - The Code menu helps you convert the selected text to lowercase, uppercase and to Hexadecimal or from Hexadecimal.Komodo Edit - By accessing the Navigation menu you can synchronize your current file in places with just a mouse click.Komodo Edit - screenshot #4Komodo Edit - screenshot #5Komodo Edit - screenshot #6Komodo Edit - screenshot #7Komodo Edit - screenshot #8Komodo Edit - screenshot #9Komodo Edit - screenshot #10

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