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A different approach to project management and issue (bug/defect) tracking
Ketura - Even when starting Ketura you can see a lot of examples, and more will come along the way.
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Ketura, for Windows and Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC), is a different approach to project management and issue (bug/defect) tracking.

Organize your work. Track time. Manage customer requests and other work issues. Schedule and deliver your team projects on time and within budget.

Ketura is easy to install and use and also is suitable for large and small teams, or even individuals who wish to manage their work more effectively.

Main features:

  • Accurate project schedules. Ketura doesn't just tell you how much work there is to do, it predicts when it will be done and how long it will take. Ketura takes into account staff absence and availability, ensuring that you have the best schedule estimates for your projects.
  • Designed for changing circumstances. Even the best prepared project teams encounter unforeseen circumstances. Ketura makes it quick and easy to reassign work, move issues between milestones or defer issues to ensure that you hit your deadlines.
  • Manage all your projects in one system. You don't have to juggle multiple project files. With just one Ketura system, all your current projects are live and available, all the time.
  • Built-in timesheets. Traditional project management software requires you to update your project progress manually. With Ketura, team members log their own time as they undertake work, using a single-click work timer, and provide their latest estimates of the amount of work left to do. Out of the office? Team members can update their work journals after the event. Either way, you always have the latest, most accurate, information available.
  • Prevent schedule slips before they happen. Your team has insight into the work it is undertaking. Make the most of it! Ketura calculates two schedules for every project: one based on the 'official' project plan, and one based on the latest expectations of team members. You instantly see any discrepancies between the two, making it possible to deal with possible schedule slips before they happen.
  • Control your budget, not just the project schedule. Successful projects come in within budget, as well as on time. Ketura knows the hourly cost of all your team members' time, so you always have a current budget projection.
  • Integral issue management. Never again lose track of customer requests, project requirements, goals, defect reports, help desk tickets or other issues. Assign issues to project milestones, as and when you want to schedule them for work. Add tasks to each issue, to define what work needs to be undertaken, and by whom.
  • Understand what's happened. Want to know who worked on an issue, milestone or project? How long it took? How much it cost? Whether team members have managed to spend the intended amount of time on a project? Want that data filtered by a particular time period? Ketura makes all this information readily available.
  • Spot trends. Ketura shows you long-term trends in the cost and quantity of work required to complete projects and milestones. This can be a useful reality check on over-optimistic expectations.
  • Automatic, personalized to-do lists. Eliminate misunderstandings. Ketura gives each team member his or her own to-do list, based on all the work scheduled for them in various projects. Every team member knows exactly what to be working on.
  • Simplicity at the start. Sophistication when you need it. You don't have to use all of Ketura's capabilities at the outset. Start simply, then explore its capabilities and define sophisticated workflows (perhaps to comply with your organization's procedures) at your own pace.
  • You're not alone. Araxis offers free support during your trial period, and for the first year after you buy Ketura. After that, you can renew support for a modest fee, giving you continued access to the latest product updates and Araxis support staff.

last updated on:
December 10th, 2012, 14:20 GMT
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27.9 MB
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developed by:
Araxis Ltd
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
binary format:
Intel only
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3 Screenshots
Ketura - New people and projects can be added through the intuitive, browser-like interface.Ketura - Contacts can be easily managed through this panel.
What's New in This Release:
  • The Ketura server now supports OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8. Compatibility with OS X Lion has also been improved. The Ketura server no longer supports OS X Leopard. [I13204, I12802, I13450, I13239]
  • On OS X, installation of the Ketura server no longer endeavours to add an exception to the OS X application firewall. You may therefore need to configure the system firewall manually to give users of other machines on your network access to Ketura. For more information, see Installing a Ketura Server [I13203]
  • The Ketura server on OS X is now compatible with the Oracle Java 7 JDK. [I13401]
  • On OS X, the Ketura setup package and Ketura Manager application have been digitally signed to accommodate the OS X Gatekeeper security feature. [I13292]
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