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Hassle free and streamlined OS X application that aims to help developers get data, verify it, and write model objects quickly and easily

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JSON Accelerator is a lightweight yet powerful, feature-packed development utility for Mac OS X, that will allow developers to capture data from JSON based wen services, effortlessly verify it and, subsequently, create their own models in order to use it within their own Objective-C, Python or Java based projects.

Makes it possible to focus more on writing code instead of wasting hours while analyzing web service JSON data

Moreover, JSON Accelerator will enable you to consume and easily validate data distributed as JSON formatted information. Once it passes your validation filters, JSON Accelerator makes it easy to use it for designing your own model objects, quickly and easily.

For instance, JSON Accelerator allows you to drastically reduce the time you would spend analyzing JSON data captured from a web service of your choice. What once it would have taken over 6 hours to get your head around, you will now be able to finish in a single hour (or less if you’re used to work with JSON Accelerator).

Improves and speeds-up yur development workflow by allowing you to manage HTTP headers with ease

Aside from JSON consumption and checking, JSON Accelerator can also be used to modify a large variety of HTTP headers using custom GET and POST instructions, in order to make them work with your project’s web API. As a result, incorporating JSON services in your own applications will become a lot less time consuming and it will also be a lot easier and quicker then ever before.

Likewise, you can also use local JSON data for quick analysis and inclusion within your projects, instead of gathering from (possibly insecure or not responding web enabled services).

Allows you to adjust JSON data and process it rapidly and effortlessly

In essence, once you get your JSON data inside JSON Accelerator’s editing window, all that you have to do is to customize it to your own needs, to validate it and then to hit the “Generate Files” button which, after selecting the language of your choice, will take care of everything for you.

JSON Accelerator was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on January 23rd, 2015
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