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A cross-platform, reliable application that will allow Java developers to quickly profile their Java based projects from their desktop

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JProfiler is a user friendly Java profiling application that comes with an intuitive graphical interface, can deal with offline or remote sessions, and enables you to compare snapshots.

Furthermore, the Request Tracking feature provides support for profiling parallel and multi-threaded projects.

Easy to use Java profiling tool that integrates multiple operation modes

Right off the bat, you can connect the JProfiler application with your IDE in order to be able to profile local sessions without having to deal with the session configuration. The developers provide integration plug-ins for 4 popular IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and Oracle JDeveloper.

In addition, JProfiler comes with various integration wizards for application servers that will help you profile Java apps over the network. What’s more, JProfiler also includes offline profiling capabilities: it can use the trigger system to handle the profiling, and the resulted snapshots will be saved to the disk.

Lastly, JProfiler also offers you the possibility to quickly compare multiple snapshots, and can highlight the changes. The comparison results can then be organized and exported to reports, and you can easily analyze them at a later time.

Includes support for database profiling and numerous QA functionalities

JProfiler enables you to quickly define your own probes that will be deployed to the profiled application via the utility’s user interface, without requiring restart. Since JProfiler monitors all your database connections, you can use these tools to identify the code that triggers slow responses.

Moreover, the JProfiler command line tools and the snapshot comparison functionalities, make the app very useful during the development process. It can also be used by QA teams to track the progress, or to identify problems.

All in all, JProfiler provides a collection of powerful Java profiling tools that can help you analyze local or remote sessions, database connection, to run custom probes, and so on.

JProfiler was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 16th, 2015
JProfiler - By accessing the main window of the application you can easily access the live memory stats of all objects.JProfiler - From the Heap Walker tab you can easily view and monitor the heap status at any given time.JProfiler - From the CPU View tab you can analyze the call tree, hot spots, call graph, method statistics and call tracers.JProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfilerJProfiler

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