JAutomate 10.2

A GUI test automation tool.
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JAutomate is the first third generation GUI test automation tool that will make test automation of a user interface easier and much more reliable. at this time there are three generations of tools for automated GUI testing.

Position based. Record and replay using fixed coordinates. Worked fine for old  command line applications since the screen resolution was fixed and all applications operated in full screen mode.

Object based. Window based application can have any screen size and location. The GUI widgets are encapsulated by objects to be able to record scripts that are tolerant to changes in the user interface.

This fixes the problem with the first generation tools but object based automation tools are very sensitive to third party or customized widgets. This makes them really inefficient to use unless the application under test was designed with test automation, and the selected test automation tool, in mind.

Image recognition. The test tool can actually visually identify (see) the position on the screen to interact with just like a manual tester.

This makes the third generation test automation tools insensitive to both fixed coordinates and implementation details of the user interface.

A third generation test automation tool can automate any type of application regardless of framework and operating system used.

NOTE: Run the "JAutomateEditor.jar" application. Launch from the Start menu, double-click the "JAutomateEditor.jar" file or use the command: "java -jar JAutomateEditor.jar" to start the JAutomate script editor.

Main features:

  • Scripting - A test consists of a script and a number of images. Use the JAutomate Editor or a normal text editor to edit the scripts. Specify one command on each row in a script. A command may have one or more parameters. See List of Commands for details about available commands.
  • Images - Images are used by many of the commands to find something on the screen instead of specifying the exact coordinates. Images are captured with the JAutomate Recorder or by using a screen capture (grabber) tool, like Snagit (http://www.techsmith.com/snagit).
  • Make sure that you capture the images before moving the mouse pointer since that might affect the appearance on screen. Also make sure that you save the images using a non-lossy compression algorithm, like png, and without transparency.
  • Comments - Add blank lines and comments to the script to make the script more readable. A commented line begins with two forward slashes “//”.
  • Parameters - Pass parameters to the script from the command to make the script more reusable. You may, for example, like to pass the number of milliseconds to wait between script operations. Parameters are also useful for making the script language independent by passing information of where to find the images to use for the comparisons. There might be several folders with different image versions, one for each language.

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