Haskell Platform 2014.2.0.0

Development environment for programming in Haskell
The Haskell Platform is a simple, easy to use, comprehensive, robust development environment for programming in Haskell.

For new users the Haskell Platform makes it trivial to get up and running with a full Haskell development environment.

For experienced developers, the Haskell Platform provides a comprehensive, standard base for commercial and open source Haskell development that maximises interoperability and stability of your code.

Main features:

  • The Haskell Prelude:
  • Control Structures:
  • applicatives, arrows, functors, monoids
  • synchronous and asynchronous (extensible) exceptions
  • monads: the mtl monad suite
  • foldables, traversables
  • Concurrency and Parallelism:
  • lightweight threads
  • thread sparks / futures
  • software transactional memory
  • MVars: thread synchronization variables
  • channels, semaphors, sample vars
  • Data Structures:
  • primitive and standard data types
  • strings
  • sequence types
  • pure, impure arrays, boxed/unboxed, foreign, storable, ST, diff arrays
  • strict and lazy bytestrings
  • regular, and inductive graphs
  • finite maps
  • patricia tries
  • sets
  • fingertrees (as Data.Sequence)
  • mutable references
  • mutable hashtables
  • dynamic types
  • weak and stable references
  • Debugging and Testing:
  • tracing and debugging
  • HUnit unit testing
  • QuickCheck test generation
  • HPC code coverage framework
  • Heap profiling
  • Retainer profiling
  • Distribution:
  • The Cabal distribution framework
  • Generics:
  • Template Haskell
  • Scrap-Your-Boilerplate generics
  • Graphics:
  • GLUT
  • OpenGL
  • Languages:
  • The C FFI specification
  • C errno handling
  • C types
  • Haskell98 compatibility layer
  • Haskell language parsing and pretty printing
  • Network:
  • Sockets, Handles
  • HTTP protocol client
  • CGI Common Gateway Interface support.
  • URI construction
  • Math:
  • arbitrary precision integers and ratios
  • fixed precision numbers
  • complex numbers
  • random number generators
  • Text:
  • Unicode characters
  • readp parsing combinators
  • parsec parsing combinators
  • Hughes/SPJ pretty printing combinators
  • posix regular expressions
  • System:
  • file and handle abstractions
  • System IO
  • garbage collector services
  • portable process and pipe support
  • directory handling
  • OS portable filepath manipulation
  • environment handling
  • cpu time, system info, posix, timeouts
  • Unix Posix support or Win32 support
  • portable dates and calender times
  • read/show data serialisation
  • zlib compression
  • locale support
  • Web:
  • simple html and xhtml generation

last updated on:
August 12th, 2014, 11:44 GMT
file size:
204 MB
license type:
developed by:
Haskell Platform Team
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
binary format:
Intel only
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Haskell Platform
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What's New in This Release:
  • Works on 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, and even 10.10 beta!
  • Works with both gcc and clang based systems.
  • Distributed with a build of GHC 7.8.3 that differs from the released bindist in two ways: a) it was built split-objs for smaller resulting executables, b) it includes Cabal- which fixes a particularly nasty problem with haddock, -XCPP, and clang based systems. This ghc-7.8.3 bindist is already incorporated into the installer above, but for reference is available here: ghc-7.8.3-x86_64-apple-darwin-r3.tar.bz2
  • Includes a new experimental activate-hs command that can switch between multiple installed versions of the platform
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