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User friendly learning tool that runs cross platform and enables you to practice and experiment with object-oriented programming.

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Greenfoot is an interactive learning tool designed to help you learn object oriented programming faster. The app is focused on helping you learn or teach Java, and enables you to experiment with various situations, or interact with the community.

Programming IDE that enables you to publish projects online or offline

The Greenfoot user interface provides all the tools one would expect from any IDE: you get to manage projects, to apply syntax highlighting patterns, and so on. However, the design is simple enough to be easy to use even by beginner programmers.

The best part is that the Greenfoot project comes with various online resources: the Greenroom where teachers can share ideas, and the Gallery where you can share your projects, or comment on apps developed by others.

What’s more, you can get started by studying the text or video tutorials made available on the Greenfoot website. Lastly, world wide Greenfoot Hubs provide face-to face training sessions and support: simply check if there is one near you.

Learn Java in a interactive visual world

Within the Greenfoot IDE you can develop various types of projects, such as games or utilities designed to have a graphical user interface. You will be able to create various actors that are programmed in Java, and include them into worlds here they interact with each other. To help you visualize the results, Greenfoot has basic simulation capabilities.

Since all the Greenfoot apps are basically written in the standard Java programming language, all the concepts you learn while you experiment are applicable to other environments. Noteworthy is that Greenfoot is powerful enough to help you construct complex utilities.

To conclude, the Greenfoot IDE environment packs everything you need to build Java applications, while providing extensive resources and tutorials for beginner programmers that want to experiment with different concepts.

Greenfoot was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 25th, 2015
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