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Versatile game development solution for Mac OS X that allows you to create new titles for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, or HTML5

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If you are passionate about games, you have probably considered creating your own. While your imagination is probably overflowing with good, bad and silly ideas, designing even a simple game requires a fair amount of coding experience.

GameSalad aims to simplify this process and allow novices to put together fairly straightforward 2D games for multiple platforms and, provided you have upgraded to the PRO subscription, monetize and publish them online.

User-friendly app that comes equipped with templates to help you get started

While you can create a new project from scratch, it might be a good idea to first take a look at the templates included in GameSalad. They can help you understand the app’s features and learn the basics of game mechanics.

More templates can be purchased online, but you can also design your own artwork to ensure the final product is truly unique. Of course, content created by others might not be suitable for original projects, but if you are a talented artist who wants to stay away from coding, GameSalad may be the ideal tool.

Straightforward tool that can help you create simple games

Each project is made up of multiple scenes and actors, all of which can be assigned various attributes. You will mainly use drag and drop actions to put everything together, and you can then preview your creation before it is published.

It stands to reason that you should not expect to develop groundbreaking games with this application, as this level of simplification comes at a cost. Gameplay mechanics are bound to be rather basic and, unless you create or purchase new graphical objects and sound effects, your resources are limited.

Fun application for novices interested in game design

This utility can help give you a basic idea of the processes involved in game design, and could be the first step toward greater things. You can use it to create, publish and even make money from your games, but the app is not suitable for more advanced projects. Still, if you have an active imagination and want to try out your ideas, GameSalad can help you do so without requiring any coding knowledge.

GameSalad was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
GameSalad - The GameSalad main window where you can start a new project or you can take advantage of the included documentation to learn what you can doGameSalad - The GameSalad Project window where you can set up general details about your game, such as the target platform and a small descriptionGameSalad - The GameSalad Scenes panel where you can easily add a new scene to your game and seamlessly start editing itGameSalad - screenshot #4GameSalad - screenshot #5GameSalad - The GameSalad application allows you to preview your game using HTML5, or you can use the simulatorGameSalad - screenshot #7GameSalad - In the GameSalad Preferences window you can easily specify the Android Debug Bridge you want to use

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