GameSalad for Mac

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0.13.43 Beta 100% CLEAN Freeware    
4.2/5 5
Versatile game development solution for Mac OS X that allows you to create new titles for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, or HTML5





GameSalad is a great software package that provides the tools to quickly design, create, publish and distribute games.

Moreover, GameSalad allows you to easily publish games developed for different platforms such as Mac OS X, iOS, Android or HTML5.

The GameSalad Creator will prove to be a great development environment thanks to its drag and drop game intuitive creation method.
Last updated on July 4th, 2015
GameSalad - The GameSalad main window where you can start a new project or you can take advantage of the included documentation to learn what you can doGameSalad - The GameSalad Project window where you can set up general details about your game, such as the target platform and a small descriptionGameSalad - The GameSalad Scenes panel where you can easily add a new scene to your game and seamlessly start editing itGameSalad - screenshot #4GameSalad - screenshot #5GameSalad - The GameSalad application allows you to preview your game using HTML5, or you can use the simulatorGameSalad - screenshot #7GameSalad - In the GameSalad Preferences window you can easily specify the Android Debug Bridge you want to use

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