GDL 0.9.5

A free Interactive Data Language that supports all language elements such as objects, pointers, arrays, etc and is compatible with an incremental compiler
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GDL (GNU Data Language) is a free IDL (Interactive Data Language) compatible incremental compiler (ie. runs IDL programs).

Main features:

  • Full syntax compatibility with IDL 6.0
  • ALL IDL language elements are supported, including:
  • Objects,
  • Pointers,
  • Structs,
  • Arrays,
  • System variables,
  • Common blocks,
  • Assoc variables,
  • All operators,
  • All datatypes,
  • _EXTRA, _STRICT_EXTRA and _REF_EXTRA keywords...
  • The file input output system is fully implemented (Exception: For formatted I/O the C() sub-codes are not supported yet)
  • netCDF files are fully supported.
  • HDF files are partially supported.
  • Basic support for HDF5 files.
  • Overall more than 330 library routines are implemented. For a sorted list enter HELP,/LIB at the command prompt and look for library routines written in GDL in the src/pro subdirectory.
  • SAVE and RESTORE are supported through Craig Markwardt's CMSVLIB library.
  • Graphical output is partially implemented. The PLOT, PLOTS, XYOUTS, SURFACE, OPLOT, TVRD and TV commands (along with WINDOW, WDELETE, SET_PLOT, WSET, TVLCT) work (important keywords, some !P system variable tags and multi-plots are supported) for X windows, z-buffer and postscript output.
  • GDL has an interface to python (python routines can be called from GDL).
  • GDL can be build as a pyhton module (GDL subroutines can be called from python).
  • No GUI support (widgets) is implemented so far.

last updated on:
December 29th, 2012, 16:18 GMT
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2.3 MB
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developed by:
Marc Schellens
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
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What's New in This Release:
  • GDL now compiles with MinGW
  • lots of improvements in widgets related code.
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